Welcome to Walnut Hills Elementary! Walnut Hills Elementary opened in 2005 and is one of eight elementary schools in the Waukee Community School District. We are located at 4240 NW 156th Street in the city of Urbandale. Our school serves students in preschool through fifth grade. Walnut Hills Elementary is currently the home to approximately 700 students.

Walnut Hills Elementary looks to create habits of inquiry, innovation and creativity through the integration of the arts and technology into our learning experiences. Our school offers additional support services in the areas of Reading Lab, Special Education, Extended Learning, and English as a Second Language. With a strong emphasis on play, passion, purpose and perseverance, students at Walnut Hills are also provided with opportunities to explore, ask questions, take risks, and they have multiple opportunities to share their learning.

We believe that by creating leadership opportunities, Walnut Hills Elementary students will show good character by demonstrating safe, caring, respectful, and responsible behaviors. All students have the opportunity to explore their leadership habits within the classroom and the building. We also believe that by acknowledging and recognizing students when they demonstrate those core values, we will promote continued positive behavior.

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